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Level4 leadership and staff are joining F12.net to forge robust technology and businesses services that allow small and mid-sized Canadian businesses to focus and thrive.

Taking IT to the Next Level

Whether you’re focused on cost management or on having the freedom to grow. F12 is committed to helping you find the right level of IT support and services.

IT strategy – cloud strategy – disaster recovery planning – simplified employee onboarding – enhanced cyber protection

The Same Commitment

We’re better positioned than ever to deliver on our commitment to improving the lives of our customers.

500+ Clients
200+ Employees
10 Locations
About F12

F12 is the leading provider of comprehensive IT programs for organizations that want to embrace technology’s benefits and leave its complexities to the experts.

We Know Your Business

F12 takes the time to understand your businesses’ unique needs. Whether it’s a compliance issue or integrating industry specific software – F12 has dedicated teams to ensure your success through IT.

We’re not your typical IT provider

With over 25 years of experience, we know that it is essential first to understand your business – your goals, challenges, and priorities – before designing the IT solution that is right for you, resulting in less stress and hassle and more productivity, profitability, scalability, and ultimately more peace of mind.

Ten Locations Across Central and Western Canada

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